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Memoirs of A Retiree 58
#MemoirsOfARetiree, #WhereJesuswalked

  • “Follow Me” those where Christ’s words when he called the 12 to follow Him and be His apostle.DEA561C6-6C9F-4F74-9CC8-3265AF486012

One week before our trip to the Holy Land, we slept over at Forest Farms to check everything we need to know for the trip. We have our documents checklist, luggage checklist, itinerary ready. We watched a lot of travel Vlogs and Netflix movies to set the mood.

I plan to take a lot of Videos for my memoirs. I want to learn to edit videos and start vlogging.

I am so excited.

How will it feel to see the place where Jesus Christ was born, lived and died for our sins?D1F56980-DA5E-44E3-8215-AF0C35185E60

How would it feel to walk where Jesus Christ walked? Where he preached and healed the sick? Where He performed miracles? Right now, I can only be excited.


Been packing for 2 days. Still need to stuff some more in that pretty pink bag of mine. Just a few more items. And I am all set.

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