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Memoirs of A Retiree 58
#MemoirsOfARetiree, #WhereJesuswalked

  • “Follow Me” those where Christ’s words when he called the 12 to follow Him and be His apostle.DEA561C6-6C9F-4F74-9CC8-3265AF486012

One week before our trip to the Holy Land, we slept over at Forest Farms to check everything we need to know for the trip. We have our documents checklist, luggage checklist, itinerary ready. We watched a lot of travel Vlogs and Netflix movies to set the mood.

I plan to take a lot of Videos for my memoirs. I want to learn to edit videos and start vlogging.

I am so excited.

How will it feel to see the place where Jesus Christ was born, lived and died for our sins?D1F56980-DA5E-44E3-8215-AF0C35185E60

How would it feel to walk where Jesus Christ walked? Where he preached and healed the sick? Where He performed miracles? Right now, I can only be excited.


Been packing for 2 days. Still need to stuff some more in that pretty pink bag of mine. Just a few more items. And I am all set.

“Follow me”



Nana Rosa

Memoirs of A Retiree 57
# UPPTNanaRosa


Nagagalit ako. Naiiyak ako. Di ako makakibo sa sakit at simapitiyang nararamdaman ko sa mga karahasang dinanas ng mga kababaihan sa mga kamay at …. ng mga Japanese Imperial Army nung panahon ng giyera.

Yan ang naramdaman ko habang at pagkatapos ko manood ng Nana Rosa.

Nana Rosa is a play about the horrors of the atrocities by the Japs soldiers to the Filipina. Nana Rosa was the first Filipina comfort woman who came out in the open to speak about their ordeal some 50 years after it happened.

Hindi ako makakibo sa galit at tumutulo na lang ang luha ko. Wala na pala si Nana Rosa. Isa isa na ring pumapanaw ang mga comfort women na nagpakilala. May 6 pang buhay at 3 sa kanila ay bedridden na. Kung mayroon pang iba, malamang ay nasa mga 90 edad na sila. Paano pa mabibigyan ng katarungan ang mga sinapit nila nung panahon ng hapon? Kakalimutan na lang ba natin itong bahaging ito ng ating kasaysayan?

Kaya ikaw, Filipina, bumangon ka at ipaglaban ang ating karapatan. Di tayo papayurak sa sinuman dahil tayo ay malakas, matapang, matalino at matatag.


Congratulations to the playwright, cast and crew for being able to stage Nana Rosa. Best of all was my niece Camille Abaya who played the role of an activist for women’s rights, Liddy Nacpil in today’s 3:00pm show.
There will be 2 more shows next Saturday.E6C01F22-A5B6-4BA1-85A5-DA5142B11856

The actress in me wanted to play the role of Nana Rosa. Very challenging.

Blessed By a Friend

Memoirs of a Retiree 56

Ampoy was our assistant in onboarding our young engineers to the company some 10 years ago. After one year of serving us, he went back to the seminary to continue his vocation. Then some years later, he went back to the Company with a group deacons to work incognito as waiters, dishwashers and janitors. Nobody knew they were priests-to-be. They did this to humble themselves and to experience how it was to be in those positions. Ampoy told me some of his realizations he had while he was mopping the canteen floor. He told me about the difference about the treatment of the “old” and “young” people they served. Very interesting.

8F83EB59-39E3-4F03-874F-159727AA485DAmpoy now is Fr. Ampoy. He is now assigned in New Zealand. And everytime he comes home to the Philippines, he makes it a point to see us, “Titas of Manila”. We saw him today and we had a lot of fun catching up.

It is such a blessing to have a priest as a friend. When I need a listening ear, someone to hear my woes, this digital retiree can always message Fr. Ampoy and he would bless me with his guidance. Priest na, mastering in NeuroPsychology pa.

Salamat Fr. Ampoy for sharing some time with us and for blessing us with your friendship and prayers.

A Digital Nomad, A Digital Retiree

Memoirs of A Retiree 55

54292F52-9253-4558-AFD6-53CCBF4A5324When I was still working in the Company, our thrust was to go for digital transformation. While it was hard to move some people to embrace the digital lifestyle, I easily adapted to it. With my laptop and smart phone at hand, I was able to do a lot more.

Once you embrace the digital lifestyle, you enjoy the benefits of being able to do anything and do more anywhere any time zone.

Have you heard about Digital nomads? Digital Nomads are location independent people and use technology to perform their job. … The digital nomad lifestyle was made possible through a number of innovations, including internet access, VoIP to keep in contact with friends clients and employers.

I have travel plans in the near future but being in any location will not stop me from connecting with my family and friends ie, PRSD Forever, Nazareth School 75, Titas of PLDT Manila, UST IE, Ex ExDev, The Way to Go, #Happy&MeaningfulRetirement and a lot more. I can still write and post my Memoirs of a Retiree,

I guess I have become a DIGITAL NOMAD! But I’d rather be called a DIGITAL RETIREE.

Because if this, I also never fail to meet BILL (bills) and JUDIT (due date) because I can do payment online.

And most importantly of all, I can share and build my business online. Yes! I share my awesome products and do business anywhere, anytime, to everyone.

Being digital is a lifestyle. Do more wherever, whenever. That’s what amazing about being digital! Wanna find out more how to take it to the next level?

Staying Young Inside and Out

Memoirs of A Retiree 54
#MemoirsOfARetiree, #alwaysyoungandbeautiful

After recovering from Bell’s Palsy, now I turn to looking young and beautiful again. Recently I’ve always been asked why I look so fresh. Can I share my secret?

Have you heard of AgeLOC Technology?


Over the past few generations, perceptions and behaviors towards aging have changed significantly. These days, people are taking a very active and deliberate approach to reducing fine lines on their skin. The desire to retain a younger look and feel isn’t restricted to just the older generation. In fact, modern men and women are starting to make lifestyle changes to increase their life spans and they’re certainly more willing to spend time and money on anti-aging skin care products that could minimize the signs of aging.

This commitment to innovation and the determination towards a healthier living has prompted and guided Nu Skin in the development of cutting-edge products to position itself as a leader in the anti-aging industry. As technology advances, people now have a longer lifespan, creating a demand for products to make them feel healthier and look younger.



Now I go out without make up, just my youthful glowing skin, lipstick and kilay.

Want to know more how to stay looking young and beautiful? Send me a message

Pursuing a Childhood Dream

Memoirs of a Retiree 53

As a child I dreamt of becoming an actress and seeing myself on screen. Of course, that did not happen. I went to school, went to college, got 2 diplomas. Sabi nga ng mga magulang natin, “study hard so you can have a good job and be stable.” I found a job And after many years I became a senior manager in one of the biggest companies in the Philippines. Not bad. Last year I retired.

Even now, I haven’t forgotten my childhood dreams. The dream to see myself on screen remains. Maybe in retirement, I can fulfill my childhood dreams.

I remember asking a good friend – John Vic de Guzman (athlete and showbiz personality) that if he finds any opportunity for me, he should let me know. I even told him, “Kahit ang role ay tsismosang kapitbahay or tindera sa kanto, it is fine with me. Hehehe.

Then, a couple of weeks back, John Vic Ortiz De Guzman sent me a casting call from Nicole Ong Matti. The role is for a 60+ year old woman who owns a sari sari store. Are you kidding me? Tindera sa kanto! I emailed Nicole, sent her my pictures and she scheduled me for an audition.


I was so excited to go to UPFI for the auditions. First time eh. I met Nicole, the talent coordinator and Claudia, the director. They gave me the scenario and a script. I will not spoil the film by telling you about it, but it is something I really, really can relate too. If I tell you now I know how you will react. I read the lines, in a way I can almost say it was mine. Relate na relate ako eh.

It’s been more than a week since the audition and I haven’t heard from them. I guess I didn’t make it, maybe I did. Sabi naman ni John Vic, “don’t expect too much sa first time”. But is is an opportunity of fulfilling a childhood dream I cannot miss. Even if I didn’t make it, I am happy I went to the audition. At least I tried.

No regrets. Better luck next time.


ADD33CD1-D650-4F7B-B2B8-ECA6F932D0E5.jpegMemoirs of a Retiree 52

I was in the business of changing lives for more than 37 years. Now I am in the business of transforming lives.

Talk to you soon.Tr


Memoirs of A Retiree 51

I had to go meet my grade school/high school classmates earlier today in Makati. So the fastest and easiest and most concenient way was to take the bus. Anyways, it was no longer rush hour.
I was able to seat comfortably on a chair with good ventilation from
the A/C.
I already have ready in my hand the P13 fare to Ayala.
Then the bus conductor approached me and asked for my fare.

He said, “Nay, pamasahe n’yo po?”.

Nay??? Nay??? What???
Utang na loob! I wanted to shout Hudas, Barabas, Hestas! Sa edad mong yan tatawagin mo akong ‘Nay? Eh, matanda ka pa yata sa lolo ng kapitbahay ko!

When I got to our meeting, went to the ladies room to check how I look. Eh, may asim pa naman ah! According to me.
I told my classmates the story and they couldnt stop laughing. Siempre di din nila matanggap.

Mutually Grateful

Memoirs of a Retiree 50

She is one very thoughtful person. She used to work for me almost 10 years ago for 3 or 4 years. But she never forgets to drop by to ask how I am whenever she comes home to the Philippines. Never fails to express gratitude whenever she can.
I am also thankful for people like her because if not for them we would not have been able to do what we had to do. They were our enablers.
She was the best one we ever had. Though I wanted to ask her to stay with us again, I can’t, I will not. She is now on her way to fulfilling her dreams and I wish her well. All the best to you Liza Sialon Duhig. Sana malayo ang marating mo. Malayo na nga ang HongKong At Saudi Arabia, sana  mas malayo pa. May all your dreams come true. God bless you always.

I also want to thank all the people who visited and gave time to be with me this January. It was a fast and eventful January.

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